Hand-Dyed Fabrics and Block Printing -
Hand-Dyed Fabric Scrap Pack £5.99 including postage and packing
Hand-Dyed Fabric Scrap Pack
Hand-Dyed Fabric Scrap Pack
These packs contain an assortment of offcuts from my dyeing projects. All are 100% cellulose based, some smooth, some textured. The pieces in the packs will vary in colour and size, but all packs weigh no less than 100g.

Please email me [email protected] if you want a particular colour range.

I use Fibre Reactive Procion MX Dyes with a low water immersion dyeing technique, space- and ice-dyeing and vary the techniques to get high and low textured fabrics.

The fabrics are pre-washed, dyed and then rinsed in cold and hot water before being soaked once with Synthrapol and rinsed a final time in cold water. There are no fragrances used in any part of my process. The fabric is pre-shrunk and ready for you to use.

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