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Hand-dyed cotton fabric,
block printed then embellished
with stitch, shisha, beads and



Block Print Showing Half-drop PatternBlock Print Showing Chequerboard Pattern
Chequerboard pattern                                        Half-drop pattern

Block Print Using Discharge Paste and Light and Dark Fabric Paints
Stunning Block Print in Black and White



Block Printed Peacock Embellished with Sequins and Beads 
Block Printed Elephant Embellished with Beads and Embroidery 

How about using wooden printing blocks to design a T-shirt?  You will need to place the sponge mat (essential for creating a clear image) inside the t-shirt before you start.  This will also prevent the fabric paint going through to the back of the shirt.  Use the paints direct from the bottle as they are just the right consistency and will not bleed into the jersey fabric. 
Block Printed Adult's T-Shirt 
Block Printed Children's T-Shirt

Of course, there are many different methods of printing and you can use all sorts of everyday items.  Look around your kitchen for example. Brushes, scourers, sponges, corks, in fact anything that will take paint, is suitable.  And why not try fruit and vegetables?

Print Made Using Real Leaves and Fabric PaintReal leaves print quite successfully.....
I have used ordinary fabric paints on a Procion-dyed background.

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