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Altered Papers 

Any technique for creating texture and pattern on fabric can also be used on paper. I like to use recycled papers and I have explained the method I use below.

Paint and dye can be mixed and layered and these give the most amazing and surprising results! 

Gather together a selection of papers to recycle. These can be pages from old books, maps, brown wrapping paper, textured wallpaper, kitchen paper etc. I use my spent Procion dyes (no longer active for use on fabric) to colour these papers, but this is also a good way of using up the end of paint pots......simply add water and shake to get the last drop out of the pot! Just remember that paints will stick the layers of paper together, whereas dyes wont. There is no right or wrong way to do this but it can get a bit messy. It is worth using an open tray or bowl to contain the dye/paint and if you can do it outside, even better! Slosh dye/paint over the surface of the papers, layering one on top of the other, adding different colours as you go. Try adding a doily or something with a texture in between the layers for interesting results. Use a paintbrush, if you wish, in order to cover right to the edge of the piece. Leave the pile of papers to dry. You may need to separate them before they are completely dry if you have used paint. They are then ready to use in other projects. Block-print over the top to create covers and/or pages for books or make greetings cards.

Different results every time with this technique!

I like to combine these papers with my textile work to make greetings cards. Here are a few cards from the selection:-