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Colour, Pattern, Texture

Example of Screen Printing

Combining Techniques

The following samples are experiments using several different techniques together on one piece of work.

I have used some of my collagraph plates, produced at Boden Press in Chesham,to print the background. A bold shape has then been stencilled over the top. The fabric paint has been allowed to dry with the stencil left in place. This is then overprinted using a wooden printing block.

These could be further enhanced with machine or hand-embroidery.

Here are a few more examples of the techniques I use:

Simple, but effective, twist and resist using magenta and turquoise Procion dyes

(dye was applied to wet fabric using a pipette)

Range of colours achieved with Procion dyes. Some pieces have Shibori patterns and textures and others are block-printed

Wallhanging(approx ½ m wide)

Lemon and Turquoise Procion dye on Cotton Velvet over-stamped with my own printing block and commercially-produced stamps, then machine-embellished.

Below are some Blockprinting samples on my hand-dyed fabrics. Buy these blocks and the fabric paints from

These two pieces have been lightly padded and embellished using simple hand embroidery techniques and beads.

Simple patchwork

Samples produced for Dyeing Workshop using Silk rather than cotton