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Shisha Embroidery

Shisha embroidery is a perfect partner for block printed images. Look what you can achieve by adding a few hand-embroidered embellishments to a block print. Look at The Arty Crafty Place for a wide selection of Indian wooden printing blocks, textile paints, and so much more!!

Same block, different colour scheme and stitches! I have added beads and sequins too for extra BLING

Below are a couple of samplers showing Shisha and Chemanthy stitch, which looks very impressive but is really quite an easy stitch once you get the 'rhythm' going.



1 Simple paisley block printed design embellished with a variety of basic stitches (chain, back stitch, blanket stitch etc)       

2 Chemanthy stitch embroidered using variegated Anchor threads to give a pretty look                  

There are other Shisha shapes that you can try, such as squares, triangles and diamonds. Here are my samples:-

If you would like details on how you can book a Shisha/Indian Embroidery Workshop for your group, please email me.